About Vernon Hyde Minor’s Art History’s History

art historyBudding art historians and those with only a slight interest in the subject should pick up a copy of Art History’s History by Vernon Hyde Minor. It not only creates a brief introduction into the rich and lavish world of Art History, but it also relates to the reader in such a way that it can be considered a book based on the introductory level of Art History. Vernon Hyde Minor simplifies the practice of art and its history to appeal even to the casual reader of the subject.

Vernon has done something that most art historians would view as the impossible – he has taken the entire history of art and condensed into 200 pages. He has done so in such a way that readers are not missing out on any sort of basic introductory information. If anything, such a concise compilation will draw more people into the history of art and help to foster an appreciation for the subject that might have otherwise gone overlooked.


In Art History, much of the terminology used can be considered to be a language all its own, if it is not in another language to begin with. The subject is steeped heavily in French and German and those who are not trained in either language may have a hard time adjusting to Art History as a subject. However in his book, Vernon avoids this sort of confusion thereby allowing the history of art to be understood by those who are not classically trained in the subject.

Why is Art History Taught?

Through methodologies and the evolution thereof, Vernon Hyde Minor attempts to explain to his readers not only the importance of Art History, but also why it is being taught, specifically in American classrooms. Unlike its European counterparts, the American people often times overlook the importance of the subject and are quick to dismiss it when their children return home from their first semester of college, announcing their major as Art History. Vernon Hyde Minor tries to debunk that ideal, but displays its importance through his methodology.

Focus on the Famous

Many of the works discussed and highlighted in Vernon’s book are famous works that the general public would be aware of. By doing so, Vernon’s concise and condensed history of art has the potential to draw people in to the subject matter. By the time a reader has completed this book, it is sufficient to say that they would be willing and open to the idea of learning and reading more about the mini-course they just took on the subject.

Vernon Hyde Minor’s Art History’s History is available for purchase through Prentice Hall with ISBN 0130851337.

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