I started writing at a very early age. I just loved to write stories and to make art. It was where I was at my happiest. As I grew older, I started to be recognized for my creative talents and began to pursue them as lifelong goals. As a high school student I was so proud of be part of Middlesex County High School of the Arts where I got to spend an afternoon a week writing and learning from real world writers.

After high school, I went on to Rutgers University where I double majored in art history and journalism and media studies. After graduation, I sort of floated through life taking crappy jobs and putting off graduate school even though I had been admitted to Sotheby’s, Christie’s and a program done through the Wallace Collection for art business. In the end, I decided I liked the freedom teaching would provide me and so I went on to Kean University where I received my teaching credentials in elementary and secondary education for English literature. I was lucky and was able to begin teaching fairly quickly, my first job was teaching high school French and then middle school French. I published my first novel during this time, Miss Burton’s Class: Tales of a 5th Grade Teacher Turned Zombie Survivalist

After that, I have been a middle school language arts teacher ever since. I went on to complete my masters through Southern New Hampshire University in English literature and creative writing. I moved into teaching college level English and reading soon after and it is where I am at my happiest. Around that time I published two more novels, January Rain and An August Morning.

More recently, I have entered into my final quarter for my doctoral dissertation in educational leadership where my research focuses on literacy integration in visual arts curriculum. I am hoping to graduate this summer and begin to write and blog more again.

In 2017, I married my long time boyfriend, Phil and in 2018, we welcomed our son, Logan. We live in our small house by the ocean with our tiny zoo in New Jersey. In between dissertation chapters, I am working on a new novel and enjoying this blessed season of my life: motherhood.