Happy Memorial Day!

For me, this weekend was not about war and soldiers nor was it about beer and grilling. No. My weekend was a return to sanity. I slept late, did menial things like laundry and until this morning ignored lesson plans and any sort of school work. Today I was able to complete everything I will need to teach my art class this summer and on top of that did everything I needed to do for school tomorrow AND even complete a presentation I have on Thursday. It’s amazing how productive I can be when I am not stressed.

And that’s what it is, right now I am not. I actually feel well-rested, I don’t feel tense or over-worked and for the first time this summer, I feel as though everything I have to do is completely manageable.

I’m zen. I’m sane. I’m good. I have an entire art curriculum and a speech on Spenser’s Faeire Queene under my belt. I’m still not turning on my cell phone until I leave for work tomorrow morning, though :).

Somehow I am halfway through my first round of summer classes and on the brink of a real break between this session ending and the next beginning. I am also slowly getting caught up with my column that has suffered from finals, teaching and the start of a new semester. It’s a good night.

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Dr. Katherine Kuzma-Beck Hart

A college professor and author, enjoying life at the Jersey shore with her tiny zoo and growing family..

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