Elite Daily

I signed my contract last week to begin writing for Elite Daily! This was a huge deal for me as I have read that website for awhile. I also completed my thesis and all my coursework for my masters program at SNHU. I officially have my masters! This year has been such a journey, but it has been wonderful.

– Kate

Summer Publications

Hey all,

I have been working on my second book in the Miss Burton’s series on and off. It’s been a struggle and I think that is because I am so unsure of Miss Burton’s voice in this next installment, but it is coming!

That said, you can get a glimpse at some more Miss Burton over at Thought Catalog. In June, they published “The Man in the Ice” segment. You can read it here!

I also took the leap and got more active in the ASMR community this summer. This lead to writing an article about ASMR for stackstreet.com. They had reached out to me to write for them and I thought it was perfect for my ASMR article. It was received with such enthusiasm that it really surprised me. You can read it here. If you’re still interested in ASMR, you should subscribe to my YouTube channel for ASMR, here!

Lastly, I am only a few weeks out from my big backpacking trip. I’ll be in Europe with my boyfriend in August and will happily be blogging all about our adventures on my blog, As We Write It.



Are you ready?

I have three projects going on right now. If you were a follower of my blog “As We Write It” then you should be very excited to know that I have once again begun working on it, posting new photographs and book reviews.

I have also signed my contract for another year in my district. Yay! I’m very excited and have begun a new blog about urban teaching and teaching middle school at “Kuzma in the Middle.”

As for my Miss Burton fans? Well, get ready! Miss Burton’s Class the Second Year: The Rise of the Maiden will be making its debut this winter. I know there has been much delay with it, but I promise that it will be worth it! Stay tuned for a sneak peak of the new cover later this month!

Miss Burton’s Class: The First Year

I know it has been awhile since I have updated my site. I have been pretty busy these past few years teaching, writing and finishing my masters.

With regards to writing, I began a blog about a year ago called Miss Burton’s Class: Tales of a 5th Grade Teacher Turned Zombie Survivalist. Despite the child centered story line, it is anything but a children’s story.

It became a book! It was released on July 8, 2013 and you can buy it on amazon! It opens with Brian and Evangeline, two people from the Time of Stabilization, about a hundred years after the Outbreak, who uncover the archives of the blog and begin to piece together who Miss Burton was and who she ultimately became in this new world.

It is the first book in a series with The Second Year, coming out sometime next fall!


Pick up your copy today from amazon!