Book Review │ The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

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If you are a mother you know that you have existed twice over in this life. First, you had existed as the woman who you were. Maybe you were like me and loved to travel, go into the city and attend concerts and music festivals and paint. Or maybe you were like Elle who wrote a risque anonymous sex blog or Abi who was dedicated to all things organic or maybe you were more like Leisel who loved her career. These were the mummy bloggers before they existed again in this world.

From Womanhood to Motherhood

As a woman, your existence changes when you have a baby. You go from the woman you were to the mother you become. These two identities are often completely different and it’s a hard space to be in when you’re figuring out how to balance at least some of who you were before you became someone’s mom. For me, I lost the creative side of myself as I worried about making sure Logan had the crunchiest organic upbringing my husband and I could possibly provide. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would become that kind of mom, but I did. In The Mummy Bloggers, Elle gives up her secret life and looks towards her future with her washboard abs and ten-year plan. Abi gives up working, moves herself to the county where she becomes a keyboard-toting “Green Diva” crunchy mom blogger who is ready to go to war over any mommy discrimination that falls on her plate. While Leisel, is still working and trying to balance her career with her kids and her sense of pervading guilt for being a working mom.

Set for the Modern Age

These three women are writing their own stories and identities when by chance, their stories intertwine and the women meet. If you’re a fan of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, then you might enjoy this book, as well as the interconnectivity of the women and events, are reminiscent of that novel. As in Big Little LiesThe Mummy Bloggers must come together as women and do what needs to be done to ensure that justice is served at the conclusion of the novel. It is also a very modern-age book with the premise of mummy bloggers, the internet and social media and some of the writing follows internet speak which can be confusing at times if you’re not up on your web-based lingo. While the characters get their endings, kind of, the last chapter is a bit rushed and as a reader, I was left wanting more than where Wainwright leaves us, but I overall did enjoy this book because it was a fresh take on not only motherhood but also mothers who use the internet and social media to make either a career or extra cash.

The novel can speak to a variety of women who are trying to find their way as mothers. Some parts will be shocking and other parts will have you nodding your head in agreeance or laughing out loud. An enjoyable wittily expletive-ridden read for anyone who is navigating this very blessed season, but also oh so crazy season in our lives.

Book Information

The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright was originally published in 2017, but is scheduled to be re-released on June 3, 2019 from Legend Press with ISBN 9781789550542. This review corresponds to an advanced electronic galley that was supplied by the publisher in exchange for this review.

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